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And we’re back…………………………. Both Saks Aberdeen salons are now open for hair and beauty services. We have had deep cleans with disenfect+, we have changed our working days to keep salon numbers down and we are head to toe in PPE so that your visits can be as safe and as welcoming as possible.

The team are settling back to the new way of working with the stylists having two designated seats to work from, and we are delighted to have been able to keep our prices at pre covid levels.

Our online booking is open and our reception teams are ready to help.

Opening hours:            Union Square                                              David Lloyd

Monday                             9 – 8                                                               9 – 6
Tuesday                             9 – 8 (salon training from 3.30)             9 – 4
Wednesday                      9 – 8                                                               10 – 8
Thursday                           9 – 8                                                               9 – 7
Friday                                9 – 8                                                               9 – 6
Saturday                           9 – 7                                                               9 – 5
Sunday                            10 – 5.30                                                      CLOSED

We look forward to seeing you all soon, and huge thanks go our our clients who have left us message and posts recommending the salon and our team. Much love. Xx


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