Your crowning glory.

by | Apr 4, 2020

Your hair is your crown that you never take off – please don’t ruin it during the lockdown. If you are at home, take advantage of it not having to be washed and styled every day, use less heat appliances and leave conditioners and masques on for longer.

For those who are working, fringes can be pleated and clipped to the side and there are beautiful hairbands and accessories that will help to keep your growing hair under control. Please remember if you are tying your hair back don’t do it too tight and don’t use uncovered elastic bands as these can break the hair.

Despite what you may have heard , home colour is not the same as salon colour. Salon colour is carefully prescribed to your needs and applied by professionals with many years of training. There are spray on root colours readily available to buy that will hopefully see you through until we can re-open.

We are desperate to get back to normal salon life and see our much missed clients, but we appreciate that during this horrendous crisis everyone’s health and safety must come first. Rest assured we will re-open at the first possible opportunity. In the meantime stay safe and stay at home.


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