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Novo Cabelo Hair System For Men

by | Sep 5, 2023

The Novo Cabelo Hair System is a hair replacement system designed to provide a natural, undetectable solution for people experiencing hair loss or thinning hair.

Here are some of the key benefits of the Novo Cabelo Hair System:

Natural Appearance
The Novo Cabelo Hair System is made from high-quality, real human hair that is carefully matched to your own hair colour, texture, and style. This means that the system will blend seamlessly with your existing hair, giving you a natural, undetectable look.

The Novo Cabelo Hair System is completely customizable, allowing you to choose the style, length, and texture that best suits your individual preferences.

Our systems need to be refitted/regroomed every 3-4 weeks. However, if you are highly active or have a physical job you may need every 2-2.5 weeks

Prices start from £510


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