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This week I was lucky enough to be down in Edinburgh for a creative mens barbering course with the very enthusiastic Chris Foster. He was very energetic and shared a lot of great tips on how to be more personal and creative with all gents that are in the salon.

In the morning, Chris showed us all new ways of reducing bulk, creating skin fades and using razors!

He then went on to show us all creative design on the scalp – artistic 3D work, using a cut throat blade!

During the training I was gutted that I wasn’t going to be doing a skin fade on my model, but I did get to try out other new techniques which was great. Armed with just a razor and clippers and no scissors was a first for me – but something I really enjoyed trying!

Using a razor to cut the hair isn’t for every client – but it’s great for reducing bulk and weight in thick hair and shattering any lines that may have occurred. For the experience of a non scissor cut, it was really worth while.

All in all, the whole day was fab. I love to learn and watching the funny, charasmatic Chris do his thing was great. He has inspired me to step out of my comfort zone making me push my myself to be more personal to each gent that I do 😉

Zander. xx

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